Crochet Saturday: A Princess Bride Poll

If you are a regular reader, you may recall that I created some Princess Bride amis awhile back.  They were but poor, lost circus performers, and one of them might have been armed with a rock.

Fezzik Behind Rock
His way isn’t very sportsmanlike, but it is pretty cute.
Inigo with Sword 2
Did you kill his father? Tsk, tsk.

To my delight, someone contacted me through Etsy and advised me that he absolutely, positively HAD TO HAVE Inigo, Vizzini, and Fezzik for his cubicle.  Since I happened to have a set all ready to go for Awesome Con, I happily sent them out to him instead.  (When people have to have things, obviously, I have to help!)

A few days later, the same customer asked if I could possibly make him Buttercup, pirate Westley, and Miracle Max, too.  After I finish up with Awesome Con, I will be designing those three on commission.  Hooray!

My question is this:  Can I stop at those three?

What characters would it be inconceivable to leave out?  (These things take long strings of 14-hour days to design and test, so when you say inconceivable, make sure it means what you think it means.  Put another way, don’t just rattle off characters.  Give me only the ESSENTIAL!)